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Looking for a New England window cleaning company who can provide you with clean windows all year round and the highest level of customer service? You’ve come to the right place. A&A Window Cleaning provides service to residential and commercial customers throughout Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, where we serve thousands of homes and businesses each year.

We have been in business since 1930, when Alfred D’Andrea Sr. started cleaning windows door-to-door on the East Side of Providence, RI. He had a vision to create an industry leading company by providing his customers with the highest level of customer service and value.

We attribute our growth to our strong customer relationships and commitment to quality workmanship. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Common Questions

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When you contract with us to clean your windows, we guarantee a full service cleaning. We always tackle the interior and exterior surface of the glass, ensure your screens are clean (both window and sliding door), clean your window frames and sills, and make sure the window tracks are clean as well. Unless otherwise specified, these items are included in the price we quote you for your service.

Window cleaning cost can vary widely based on the state of the windows, the last professional cleaning, customer location, size of the house, types of windows, and other factors. Please contact us for an estimate by calling our office or e-mailing us through the form on our website, below.

Rain does not make your windows dirty. Rain on uncleaned windows turns the existing dirt and grime into mud, making the windows look dirtier. Rain is also relatively clean, and devoid of most minerals, which means it will not leave water spots. Rain on cleaned windows will have no effect on the glass, and your windows will be left as shiny and clean as they were before the storm.

As for whether a rain storm will affect your scheduled cleaning, the answer is probably not. Our technicians are accustomed to working in all kinds of weather and a little rain has never stopped us. We monitor the weather closely, and will be in touch if the forecast requires a rescheduling.

We recommend that you get your windows professionally cleaned at least once a year. A yearly cleaning is an excellent supplement to the regular window cleanings you can do as part of your normal cleaning schedule. Some of our clients choose to do it more frequently, on a twice yearly or quarterly basis. If you live in a high grime area, a more frequent professional cleaning makes sense to keep your windows sparkling all year round.

You can do as little or as much as you would like to prepare for your cleaning. Our technicians certainly appreciate the help in moving curtains, knick knacks, tables, or any other items that obstruct your windows. It helps us move faster and get out of your way sooner. We will remove and replace any screens or grids that are on your windows during the cleaning process. Our technicians can typically work around almost everything in your house!

Unfortunately, window cleaning will not help clear the fog in your windows. Windows that have fogged are usually double-paned, thermal windows whose seal has broken. When that happens, the gas leaks out and moisture leaks in, causing the space in between the panes to fog. Replacement is usually the only fix for a foggy window, but be sure to check with the installer or manufacturer about any warranties that may apply.

The safety of your family and pets is our number one concern. We use ammonia-free, alcohol-free products that are homesafe and biodegradable. We have chosen the products we use especially for their proven cleaning power, along with their safety in household use. We are happy to tell you more about them during your free, no-obligation estimate.

We are fully licensed and insured, and can provide certificates of insurance upon request.

Renovations and construction work can do a number on your windows. The debris from paint, plaster, stucco, and tape residue can leave your new and existing windows looking much worse than before your construction project. We specialize in post-construction window cleaning. These procedures ensure that we safely and thoroughly remove all residue and debris from your windows, without damaging the windows themselves.

Yes. Please make sure to mention that you have these specialized windows to our staff during the estimate so that we know to include them in the scope of work.

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We offer residential and commercial window cleaning and gutter cleaning services throughout Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.